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Toronto Unlimited Collage features Toronto waterfront view from the island or ferry. Ripley's Aquarium, Casa Loma, Flat Iron Bilding, Toronto City Hall and new low floor streetcar. Toronto flag.

City Hall image is the oldest and the most recognized Toronto's icon around the world! Toronto Waterfront seen from the Island or the ferry offers an unforgettable view and experience for the visitors or our residents.
The new residential towers with unique architecture are growing all over the city, with the rate of 25,000 new residential units per year. You could own a condo on the waterfront and live with a beautiful view to the lake. Watch the blend of new and old architecture on the streets of Downtown Toronto.
You will embrace the city if you love dining with multicultural cuisine and love shopping ethnic markets.
We have welcomed our first two modern low floor streetcars at the end of August 2014. Torontonians expect a full fleet of a new low floor streetcars to replace the old ones, during the coming years.

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A guide to Torontonians exploring Toronto alike!

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